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A canopy enclosed build this air production system is all-weather built, engineered off site and delivered ready to product air. Ideal for warmer climates.


Total HP Range


Range (°F


Enclosure Footprint (sq. ft.)

Customizing your build allows us to return an estimate including taxes and fees. Delivery available throughout continental states.

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Engineering Expertise That You Can Rely On

Our canopy air production build is a fully portable solution that is engineered to your specification off site.


From design to fabrication, testing, delivery and installation — our team has you covered. Our stocked facilities located throughout the Southeast are controlled environments that allow us to engineer any customized any modular solution, and deliver it in weeks.  


With a self-contained footprint, the MAPS build is easily expandable and fully mobile. It offers fast installation, cost-effective and dependable air, and allows you to be ready for production immediately upon delivery. Configurable for single, dual and triple compressor builds.

Dual System CAPS Enclosure

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caps image.png

American Craftsmanship

CAPS is a tailor-made solution, locally built and delivered directly you you — anywhere in the continental US.

Efficient, Reliable Air

Without compromising dependability or power, invest only in the components you need, resulting in significant cost savings both in terms of initial setup and long-term operational expenses. 

Easily Adapts & Scales

Customize your systems to match specific requirements at any given time. This scalability eliminates the need for costly upfront investments in oversized systems.

MAPS Assets (4)_edited.png

Fast Installation


Cost Efficient, Reliable Air

Portable Enclosure


Powerful, customized air, delivered

Our CAPS build — this solution is fully portable, and engineered off site. Operating at a significantly lower cost than current solutions, this mobile air system is a powerful solutions for either temporary or permanent installations.

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